Wholesale Evergreens: Wholesale Evergreens in Hanover, MA


4'- 12' Evergreens at Wholesale Prices

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We have the following 5-8' tree varieties in stock*:
Thuja occidentalis
... an evergreen coniferous tree, in the cypress family... widely cultivated for use as an ornamental plant, particularly for screens and hedges...Read more here
Picea pungens
.. a species of spruce native to western North America... a medium-sized evergreen tree...Popular as a specimen... can be used in groupings... Read more here
Tsuga canadensis
... a coniferous tree native to eastern North America... grows well in shade and is very long lived... make extremely graceful evergreen hedges... Read more here
Pseudotsuga menziesii
... an evergreen conifer species native to western North America... used extensively in landscaping. It is planted as a specimen tree or in mass screenings. Read more here
Picea engelmannii
.. native to western North America... a medium-sized to large evergreen tree... has a specialised use in making acoustic guitars and harps... hybridises and intergrades extensively with the closely related White Spruce...Read more here
Abies fraseri
... a small evergreen coniferous tree... dense when the tree is young, but becomes more open as it ages... widely used as a Christmas tree. Its fragrance, shape, strong limbs, and ability to retain its soft needles for a long time when cut make it one of the best trees for this purpose. Read more here
Picea abies
... a species of spruce native to Europe... a large evergreen coniferous tree... one of the most widely planted spruces...an ornamental tree in parks and gardens... Read more here
Abies concolor
... a medium to large evergreen coniferous tree... popular as an ornamental landscaping tree and as a Christmas Tree... Read more here
Picea glauca
... a medium-sized evergreen tree...Useful as a a specimen, in a mass planting, or as a hedge or windbreak...Read more here
Picea omorika
... a medium-sized evergreen used as an ornamental tree in large gardens and valued for its very attractive crown form and ability to grow in a wide range of soils... Read more here
Pinus strobus
... a large pine that towers over other varieties and can easily live to over 200 years old and more...often used in cabinet making, furniture, interior finishes, etc... Read more here
*descriptions from Wikipedia

We can order the following 4-12' tree varieties: (descriptions above)

Blue Spruce
Canadian Hemlock
Norway Spruce
Serbian Spruce
White Fir
White Pine
Terms: Cash or check
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We offer local delivery to Hanover, Rockland, Norwell, Pembroke and Hanson. We offer tail gate drop off only.
Planting Services Available
All planting services are priced on a per job basis and include:
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  • planting
  • soil
  • fertilizer
  • mulch
  • staking and clean up