Mature Tree Moving in Hanover, MA

Now you can have the look of an established landscape without the wait. Village Green transplants mature trees, providing instant shade and beauty. Using a Big John Tree Digger, Village Green can transplant trees with trunk diameters up to 12", safely, quickly, easily, and efficiently.
Using the Big John Tree Digger, large trees are moved quickly and efficiently with a better root ball to ensure the best chance of survival.
We will search out just the right tree for the customer. Also, a tree that you have may have value to someone else and we will buy it. Trees can be moved on site if they just happen to be in the way of a new addition or pool or if they have outgrown their space.


by Jessica Mandrik
There is no question that at times Americans have been known to take for granted the beautiful environment in which we live. Parks, trees and wetlands are just a few of the resources whose value is underestimated by most average people. Many fail to realize the added value that a single mature tree can bring to the individual as well as to the community and the environment as a whole. An emerging landscape technology, known as mature tree transplanting, is making it easier for homeowners to increase both the aesthetics and the overall value of their property.
An individual homeowner can greatly benefit from this new technology for transplanting trees. According to the National Arbor Day Foundation, a homeowner can increase their property value by up to 15 percent by bringing mature trees to their residential area. In addition, mature trees provide instant shade, which helps to reduce the energy costs of cooling houses in the summer. Trees also invite wildlife into the area and make residential communities more desirable to potential buyers.
Mature trees also have added benefits to the environment as a whole. Trees absorb carbon dioxide from the air and expel oxygen, making the air cleaner and better for human health. They also act as a natural flood control, absorbing water from the ground and therefore keeping it out of basements and cellars. Trees in park settings add to community values and provide places of pleasure, recreation and community celebration. Mature trees are essential to life, health and welfare overall.
For those living on the South Shore, mature tree transplanting can be invaluable. Many living on the new MBTA Greenbush Line may see their property values decreasing. However, homeowners may find a solution with strategic mature tree transplanting. Mature trees can provide a natural sound buffer from the rail as well as add privacy and protection to any home. In areas where property values many be decreasing, 15 percent can be added immediately with the transplanting of new mature trees.
There is no doubt that trees in residential and community areas provide a number of advantages. Cleaner environment, increased aesthetics of a community and higher property values are just a few arguments for using mature trees in the landscape. With this technology and equipment, landscape companies can make living in residential communities much more desirable. At the same time, homeowners can feel as though they have completed a great service to the protection and the preservation of the environment. So, save a tree!!